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Drawing Spaces With Lines & Arcs
Drawing Spaces With Lines & Arcs
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To use the Line & Arc tool:

  1. Click the Line (Shortcut “L”) or Arc (Shortcut “A”) tool under the Design tab.

  2. Select “Spaces” in the Object Type tab.

  3. Click on the design canvas to start drawing the sketch of your massing model. (Tip: Seamlessly switch between Line & Arc mid sketch)

  4. Complete the mass by creating a closed loop of the sketch. Optionally, you can enter values of the dimensions as well while sketching the mass geometry to create accurate plans.

  5. Once the mass is drawn it can be further split into smaller spaces using the same Line or Arc tool to define multiple other spaces from a single mass

  6. Once the massing plan is ready, label the masses re

  7. Use smart labels to name the masses which can later be converted to various elements such as columns, swimming pools, courtyards, etc..

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