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Selecting BIM Objects on Snaptrude
Selecting BIM Objects on Snaptrude
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Selection Tools on Snaptrude

Single Select, Multi-Select & Deselect

From the top toolbar (Design authoring tools), click on the Select Tool (Space). Once the select tool is activated, it will be highlighted in red.

To select multiple objects together, hold the "Ctrl" or "Shift" key for Windows & Mac users, hold the "Cmd" key and click on the multiple objects you want to select.

To deselect one or more objects while the select tool is active, hold the same "Ctrl" or "Shift" or "CMD", depending on your OS and click on the specific objects you want to deselect.

Storey Selection

When working on Multi-Storey Projects on Snaptrude, each storey can be selected individually if necessary. To do so, click on the drop-down arrow from the select tool and click on Storey Selection.

When you click Storey Selection, the entire list of storeys will become visible. Choose the storey you would like to select, and Snaptrude will automatically add that whole storey to the active selection. You can then hide/unhide or isolate a storey.

Filter Selection

Filter selection is a tool that helps you select specific objects in your project. Next to the storey selection, choose "Filter Selection" from the select drop-down menu. Filter Selection allows you to select objects of a similar category—for example, only the walls or furniture. Filter Selection helps make selecting one category of objects faster. Filter Selection helps make selecting one category of objects faster.

Select the types of objects you want to select; you can select one type or multiple. Only the objects of that category will automatically get selected when choosing a category present in the filter.

Selection Marquee

To activate the selection marquee on Snaptrude, choose the Select Tool (Space), click where you want the select to click + hold your left mouse button and drag the cursor to the next point where you want the select to end.

Snaptrude will select all the objects inside this particular selection box. The marquee selection can be done from top left to bottom right or vice versa.

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