Teams Creation
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Create your team :

"Team" is a shared workspace where you can invite and work with multiple stakeholders as part of a shared workspace. You can create unlimited teams and unlimited projects under within team which are accessible to all team members from the projects tab. You can also share a centralised library of materials, funitures, doors & windows and control permissions for all the members of the team.

Follow the steps below to create a team on Snaptrude:

  1. Click on the "+" button within the left panel beside “Teams”, typically located below the Personal Workspace on the dashboard.

  2. A window will open prompting you to enter the team's name. Enter the desired name for your team into the provided field.

  3. After entering the team name, confirm the team's creation by clicking on the "Name the Team" button within the window.

  4. You can add teammates in the next step or skip them to add them later.

  5. The team created can be accessible on the dashboard on the left panel.

Add & Remove Team Members:

There are 3 ways to add members to your team -

  1. While creating a team, another window opens immediately after entering the team name to allow you to add team members. Here, you can enter the email addresses of the users you want to add to the team. (You can also choose to skip this step initially.)

  2. Once the team is created, you can add teammates by clicking on the “Settings” option for that respective team. Or click on the dropdown arrow beside the team name on the right side of the dashboard. Select the “Team Members” option from this. You can now click on the “Add Team Member” button on the top right corner of the screen. Enter the email ID of the members & add them to the respective team. You can also change the permissions for the added teammates from here.

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