Permission Settings
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Setting up permissions for Team members

The team admin can control the actions of the teammates under the Custom Roles tab of the respective team on Snaptrude. To navigate to it, follow the same steps to add a teammate first. Beside the “Team Members” tab, you will find “Custom Roles;” click on it.

By default, there are four levels of access available: Admin, Creator, Editor and Viewer. Each has a particular set of functions that can be controlled with the toggle on/off icon which can only be changed by the team Admin.

You can also create custom roles of your choice and assign access/permissions by clicking on the “+ Create Custom Role” button on the top right corner of your screen. A window will open, asking you to name the role and adjust the controls accordingly.

To delete the custom role, right-click on it and click on delete. (If a team member is assigned this role, they will first have to be reassigned to a different role & then you can go ahead & delete it).

Once the permissions are set up, you can assign them to the team members from the dropdown beside their names.

These roles can also be assigned to stakeholders with whom the project is directly shared.

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